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What is it!  

It is a washing out of the large intestine (Colon) with warm purified water.  The Colon is your sewer and your hydrating organ all at the same time...this left me scratching my head when I started my studies in the 80s.

     2000 years ago Hippocrates said Disease Begins in the Gut. Not too descriptive, but many of the holistic therapists of today, and recent past, say Death and Disease begins in the Colon.

So how does that happen?

     The Colon is about as long as you are tall (it has to accommodate your size) and from 2-1/2 to 3 inches in diameter.  At least it should be.  It is the tail end (no pun intended) of the digestive and elimination system.  Your gut is your immune system, your engine.  And, just like your car engine, if you don't change the oil and flush the radiator, the car won't go.  So it is with your engine.   Flush it out so that you are not feeding waste to the blood and liver.

      If you are building billions of new cells a day, what are you building them out of?  There is more pollution than ever these days (chemicals, drugs, genetically altered, pesticides etc.) in our food and water..   If your sewer is gunked up the lymph system can't dump the dead cells and toxic waste that moves into the Colon on a daily basis.

When you clean up the bowel you clean up the blood which takes the burden off the liver.  

Most people think colonics are about constipation.  Well they are, but they are also about detoxification.  You can have 4 bowel movements a day and still end up with colon cancer.  It doesn't necessarily mean your bowel is clean just because you have a lot of bowel movements.  In fact too many bowel movements a day may reflect a problem.  And something I learned long time ago, laxatives do not get the old stuff out. When you use laxatives too often the peristalsis that moves waste out will start to shut down.  It isn't the laxative in and of itself, but the build up that engorges the bowel that keeps it from moving.  

     The colon is an acidic environment and about 97% of bowel cancer is in the Large Intestine.

A healthy body needs tending from the inside out... Still building more to come!

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